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When your house needs a good scrubbing, our deep cleaning services will do the trick. This is our best and most detailed cleaning and is guaranteed to please. We'll be sure to get into all the nook and crannies often overlooked during your regular weekly cleaning routines. When you are ready for your home to be meticulously cleaned, call us and we'll get your home on our cleaning schedule.

Deep House Cleaning Services in Manassas VA

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At least once a year, every house or apartment needs to be thoroughly cleaned and freshen up. Similar to a spring cleaning, our deep cleaning gets to those things often overlooked in routine cleaning s like baseboards, the top of the refrigerator, and under furniture. During a deep cleaning, most surfaces in the home will be washed and sanitized to remove build-up, dirt, and debris. When we're done your home will literally sparkle and shine!

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Our deep cleaning service can be the start of your recurring maid service or just a special treat on a one-time or occasional basis. Many of your clients use our deep cleaning to prepare for special occasions.

  • Company is coming for a visit
  • The holidays are coming
  • A new baby is going to be in the home
  • A family member is coming home from the hospital
  • You're planning a get-together or a party and want everything to be "perfect"
  • Or, simply just because you deserve a little break!
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